FAST currently utilizes FACS collection software on IBM RISC/6000 computer hardware in a totally card less environment. The FACS system allows our staff to electronically receive accounts. 

FACS - Flexible Automated Collection System

The FACS software is a state-of-the-art, computerized system that allows the collection effort to become more productive and efficient. All accounts can be processed through our data transfer programs or via data entry screens. FACS has a variety of features that enhance our collectors' ability to collect, including multiple account matching, alpha-social reference searches, collector production reports, automatic display of accounts, customized notices or letters, and collector control reports. The collection software eliminates the handling of unnecessary paper and countless hours of filing, which results in increased collections.

Automated Dialing

With the addition of new electronic dialing technology, FAST has added an automated dialing system to assist collectors in making calls. The computer does all the dialing, screens out busy signals and no-answers, and instantly transfers an answered call without a "hold" message. The consumer does not realize that the call was computer-assisted. With the dialing system, we have the flexibility to manage accounts and collector work patterns in a variety of ways. The automated dialer makes predictive dialing affordable and increases productivity, thereby increasing revenue for our clients. It allows us to handle more accounts without increasing costs.

Unattended Messaging and Call Blending

FAST's technology allows numerous calls to a consumer based on integrated computer voice technology. These automated calls can direct consumers to call either FAST or our customers, based on the collection procedure chosen by the customer.