Control Overview


Client Information

Client information is accessible for view or update at any time. Our staff works diligently to ensure the security and proper use of client data.


Collector Control

Our collection software automatically feeds accounts to collectors each day in the following priority: promise to pay; special priority accounts as determined by managers at any time;consumers response; status or rework; and new business and active inventory in order of date of call. Managers may review a collector's inventory and inspect the daily work done by each collector in a summarized form that displays promise to pay, number of contacts made, refusal to pay, promises for balance paid in full, and the number of letters and correspondence sent to the consumer. The same information is also available in detail for each collector in several different formats.


Management Reports

Consumer status reports are generated on demand and consist of consumers name, ID, date listed, amount listed, payments, balance, date of last payment, and adjustments. Our system also provides a variety of statistical analysis reports. Recovery analysis reports help our clients review FAST's progress based on total volume listed versus amount collected. Customized collection summary reports are also available upon request