About Us


With an idea of becoming the best of collection firms, in October 1986 Phillip S. Knight founded FAST. Since then, FAST has grown by providing customers with high rates of recovery along with extensive service and integrity. As the company has expanded, FAST's management has come to represent decades of collection and recovery experience for the benefit of our clients.


Technology is an integral part of FAST's operations. With our technology tools, we can customize the information we receive and send to clients, consolidate information needed for working with consumers, and obtain the best possible chance of contacting and collecting from the consumers.

Collection personnel and support staff have been carefully selected for proper attitudes and temperaments, and are thoroughly trained and supervised to insure they are constantly maintaining your good image. All personnel are trained in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and each new employee completes an intensive interactive training process before they begin working with accounts.


Experienced hands-on senior management, up-to-date modern technology, old-fashioned work ethic, client-oriented service, and a well-trained collection staff with the right attitude are the traits that continue to propel FAST to success.

The bottom line is the rate of recovery we achieve for our clients. While the rate of recovery varies by client, FAST continues to provide rates of recovery that exceed the national average.