Collection Procedures

General Procedures


All client accounts placed on a given date are entered into our system. Our computer system automatically generates two letters during the first 20 days after placement. The first letter has a 10-day waiting period, and the second letter has a 5-day waiting period. After this initial 15-day period, accounts are systematically placed in a regular collection status and are assigned to our collectors, who are charged with collecting accounts in full. Collectors may attempt to collect accounts verbally, send additional letters to the consumers, initiate skip tracing, or initiate a request to one of our managers to file suit against a consumer.



After accounts are entered into our computer system, an acknowledgement listing that contains consumers' names, account numbers, and the balance owed is sent to our client.

Health Insurance


Many of our clients are healthcare organizations whose debtors have accounts with unprocessed health insurance claims. In many cases, we can help consumers file these claims if we have an authorization from the consumers, a billing address, Tax ID number, billing ID numbers, and the consumers patient statement. After an attempt to collect an unprocessed insurance claim, the consumer is still responsible for any unpaid balance on the consumes account.

Subcontracting Collections


FAST does not subcontract collections work.