Legal Action and Skip Tracing

Legal Action. Unfortunately, there are times when routine collection activity fails to produce payment from some debtors. When debtors have the means to pay but all efforts have been exhausted, legal action may be recommended. The FAST Legal Department evaluates each account that is recommended for suit. These accounts are placed into a special status until a final decision is made.

Skip Tracing. The most successful collectors are self-motivated people who eagerly and thoroughly search for debtors who have skipped. FAST has a variety of skip-tracing resources available for its collectors:
  • Credit bureau Reports
  • First Search by Equifax
  • Axciom Insight
  • Directory Net by Interactive Data
  • Mass Inquisitor Cell Phone/Home Phone Real Time Search
  • Telephone directory
  • State Motor Vehicle Registration records/Professional License search
  • Bankruptcy Searches